X Ray

In partnership with Dylog-Italy, PERFOR offers with exclusivity in Brazil, the X-Ray Inspection Systems. (For other countries please consult the sale availability)X-Ray Inspection is based on a nondestructive analysis without altering in any way the chemical composition and organoleptic properties of the product. It allows the detection of contaminants inside the product itself (in any type of packaging), integrity and conformity verification. Packaging types: All types, including metal. Packaging content types: all types (Product density, temperature, salinity and humidity are not relevant). Contaminants types: metal, glass, stone, calcified bone, seeds and fruit cores, high density plastic, high density rubber, shells, PVC, Viton®, ceramic and hollows (ex: air bubbles). Other features include: filling level (lower or higher), missing or damaged product, packing defects and irregular shapes.

• 15” touch screen display.

• Industrial PC processors.

• X-Ray generator: various specification from 40kV to 120kV.

• Resolution: 4096 grey levels per pixel.

• Calibration: self-calibrating during normal operation.

• Classification and/or rejection systems according to the project requirement (optional).

• Built in stainless steel.

• Other specifications according to customer line and product.

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