Static Weighing System

Checks the weight of the product statically;

Weighing 100% of the items in a production line;

Possibility to integrate with the packers/fillers and make weight correction feedback;

Several screens directed to quality control, with real time statistical data;

¹ Generates history (logs) of alarms, SPC, events, rejects, weights, and production;

Optional within the equipment programming, such as, INMETRO gauging (for Brazilian spec), weight gauging, amplitude, unit counter, SPC (Statistical Production Control), production, followed rejects;

²Low electricity consumption;

Equipment developed for weighing from 500 up to 5,000 g, higher or lower weights on request

Speeds of up to 65 wpm (weighing per minute) up to 1,000 g, and from 45 to 50 wpm from 2,000 to 5,000 g;

3Up to 1,000 recipes;

Suitable for INMETRO Ordinance 248. This is equipment is in the adaptation phase to the new Ordinance 93/2022 of INMETRO (for Brazilian spec);

Equipment developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO and IEC technical standards, and European safety requirements, DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC;

Sorting and/or rejection systems according to the project requirement;

Electrical Voltage: 220 Volts 1 ph or 2 ph, for other voltages on request;

Current (A): 0.2;

Power (kW): 0.23;

Consumption (kWh) : 0.03;

Consumption pneumatic (l/min) : 100;

Operating temperature: 8 to 45oC;

Made of carbon steel or stainless steel;

Standard Color PERFOR TP 20 R LI GRAY 11680 BR, for other colors upon request;

Degree of protection: IP64/IP66/IP69;

Touch Screen Display of 7 inches;

Weighing Precision: ± 0.5 g; ±1.0 g; and ±2.0 g;


¹ Logs only with the CW-CPU card;

2 Based on a standard static CW for 1 kg packages at 50 activations per minute.

3 CW-CPU to 1,000 recipes and CLP to 100 recipes;



Vertical packers/fillers;

Small volumes;

Special projects.



Pasta and cookies;

Grains and cereals;



Food flours;





Other segments on request.

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