Software Perfor Control

The complete tool for your production.

PERFOR CONTROL was developed to supervise the production process of all Perfor equipment. Through the connection in a network of computers, this software has the function of capturing equipment data, storing them and providing queries, reports and graphical analysis of all information. Designed and developed by Perfor’s team of programmers and analysts, PERFOR CONTROL shows real-time data of all production and was developed to communicate with Perfor Metal Detectors, Checkweighers, Bag fillers and Automatic Weighing Systems.

Perfor equipment can communicate with the PERFOR CONTROL software through a TCP / IP protocol. This network is cabled or wireless, always respecting the environment limitations.

Regardless of your need, we have the complete tool to assist in all the productive process

control of your company. The network and servers are not included in PERFOR CONTROL software.

PERFOR CONTROL has 4 modules: Starter, Basic, Pro and Ultimate.

PERFOR CONTROL has 4 modules: Starter, Basic, Pro and Ultimate.


Network Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Equipment registration

Products registration

Users registration

Equipment current state

Basic Software Settings

Client Registration (one).



It includes all the features of the Starter version with addition of:

Operators registration

Stoppage motive registration.



It includes all the features of the Basic version with addition of:

Production report

Inmetro report (Brazilian legislation)

Quality Control report

Rejections report

Weight to weight report

Status report

Export and print reports

Reports filters

Reports chart



It includes all the features of the Ultimate version with addition of:

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

SPC (Statistical process control)

Online data interface

Programming reports.

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