Automatically applies the bag to the valved bagging machine, and the equipment completes the weight to the desired value. After that, the bag is directed to the automatic closing system;

The equipment includes:

• Screw Bagger or Blow Bagger;

• Valved bag applicator;

• Closing module with automatic cleaning and welding, by hot bar or ultrasound – can be applied to other manufacturers.


Modular equipment, which can be applied to other manufacturers;

Magazine for bagging autonomy of 20 to 30 minutes, according to the size of the bag;

Fully automated equipment;

Easy operation and programming;

Color Touch Screen Display of 7 inches;

Screen for separate applicator and closing module;

Equipment with pneumatic vacuum generator;

Low energy consumption;

High efficiency rate (bag application) around + 98.8%.

Pneumatic working Pressure: 5 to 8 bar;

Production Capacity according to product and application – upon request;

Bagging Capacity from 5kg to 60 kg;

Up to 100 recipes;

Suitable for INMETRO Ordinance 248. This is equipment is in the adaptation phase to the new Ordinance 93/2022 of INMETRO (for Brazilian spec);

Equipment developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO and IEC technical standards, and European safety requirements, DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC;

Accuracy 50 to 150 g depending on the dosing system;

Electrical Voltage: 220 Volts, for other voltages on request;

Current (A): as designed;

Power (kW) and consumption (kWh): according to project;

Pneumatic consumption (l/min): according to project;

Operating temperature: -5 to 45°C;

Protection Degree: IP64, others upon request;

High performance motors (according to project requirement);

Made of carbon steel or stainless steel;

Pneumatic ISO standard.



For products with good fluidity;

Small volumes;

Unique project for valved sacks;

Other applications upon request.



Grains and Cereals;



Food flours;

Agricultural defensives in powder or grain form;




Output Conveyor;

Bag Massager

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