Metal Detectors

The principle of operation of the Metal Detectors manufactured by PERFOR is based, in simplified form, on the analysis of the interference of a metal passing under a transmitted magnetic field;

Checks the contaminant in the moving product, and can detect metal contaminants at low and high speeds;

Inspecting 100% of the items in a production line;

Several screens directed to quality control, with statistical data in real time;

Optional within the programming of the equipment, such as proof body test, rejection test, and followed rejections;

1 Low electric (0.4 kWh) and pneumatic (4.0 l/min) energy consumption for a DMH and for a DMV (0.05 kWh) (2.80 l/min).

DMH Speed up to 600 products per minute, and for higher speeds on request;

DMV according to the customer’s flow requirements and pipe diameter;

Up to 100 recipes;

Equipment developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO and IEC technical standards, and European safety requirements, DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC;

Classification and/or rejection systems according to the project requirement;

Electrical Voltage: 220 Volts 1 ph or 2 ph, for others voltage on request;

DMV Current (A): 0.2;

DMV Power (kW): 0.085;

DMV Consumption (kWh): 0.028;

DMH Current (A): according to project;

DMH Power (kW) and consumption (kWh): according to project;

Operating temperature: 10 to 45oC;

Degree of protection: IP64/IP66/IP69;

PVC or FDA approved matting according to design;

Touch Screen Display of 4.3 inches;

High performance motors and servo motors (according to Project requirements);

Made of carbon steel and aluminum or stainless steel;

Certified Bodies of Proof;

Fe(iron) test bodies / NFe (non-ferrous) / SS (stainless steel).


1 Based on a 350 x 250 DMH with conveyor and rejection of a 32 x 250 pneumatic cylinder at 6 bar pressure to 1 cycle per minute. DMV based with pneumatic diverter.




Products in-natura;

Packages, bales, boxes, bags, among others;

Applied on horizontal lines;

Below the packers;

Vertical fillers;

On the production line;

Small and large volumes.



Products in-natura;

Free fall line application;

Big bag;


Above packers/fillers;

Pressurized lines.



Pasta and cookies;

Grains and cereals;

Food flours;





Pharmaceuticals and supplements;



Hygiene and cleaning;


Other segments/produtcts on request.

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