Expert System

• Suited for horizontal lines and vertical packing machines.

• 100% products weighing with packing machine communication possibility for automatic

weight correction

• Versions up to 120 units per minute and / or high speed versions up to 350 units per minute.

Other applications as per request and according to each individual project.

• 7” touch screen display.

• Weighing accuracy: +/- 1 g, +/- 5 g, +/- 10 g.

• Classification and / or rejection systems according the project requirement, which can be

double: one for metal and one for weight.


• Dual 32 bits processors.

• Power supply: 220 volts single or dual phase or according the project requirement.

• Operating temperature: -5ºC to 45ºC.

• Protection degree: IP55 or according the project requirement.

• Classification and/or rejection systems according to the project requirement.

• PVC conveyor belt or according the project requirement.

• High-efficiency motors.

• Servomotors (according to the project requirement).

• Barcode reader (optional).

• Printer (optional).

• Built in steel or carbon steel construction.

• Electrical manufacturing according to NR10 Brazilian Standard.

• Mechanical manufacturing according to NR12 Brazilian Standard.

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