Blow and Screw Bagger

The PERFOR bagging weighing system can be produced by screw or by blowing through an air turbine, where the product is transported to the bag. In the sequence the Weight Control software monitors in real time the filling of the weight to the desired weight value;

PERFOR has a range of Blow and Screw Bagging machines models. Surely one of them will fit your application. Contact PERFOR sales team;

Several screens directed to quality control, with statistical data in real time;

Weight auto-correction;

Easy operation and programming;

Data integration with PERFOR CONTROL;

Optional within the equipment programming, such as, independent silo control for better integration, classifier, and conveyor control with full conveyor option;

LOG of Production via SD card or Access via FTP-Server;

LOG of Weight to Weight via SD card or Access via FTP-Server;

Easy integration with automatic bag application system;

Integration with the bag valve closing module;

Low consumption of electric energy and compressed air;

Equipment developed for weighing from 5 kg up to 60 kg, higher or lower weights on request.


Speed will depend on 3 factors, product, bag, and type of equipment;

Screw Bagger from 1 to 5 products per minute, higher speeds on request;

Blow Bagger for 3 to 10 bags per minute, higher speeds on request.

Up to 100 recipes;

Suitable for INMETRO Ordinance 248. This is equipment is in the adaptation phase to the new Ordinance 93/2022 of INMETRO (for Brazilian spec);

Equipment developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO and IEC technical standards, and European safety requirements, DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC;


Screw Bagger 50 g, there may be more variation depending on the diameter of the screw;

Blow Bagger 50 to 150 g.

Electrical Voltage: 220/380 Volts three-phase, for other voltages on request;

Current (A): according to project;

Power (kW) and consumption (kWh): according to project;

Pneumatic consumption (l/min): according to project;

Operating temperature: -5 to 45°C;

Protection Degree: IP64, others on request;

Touch Screen Display of 7 inches;

High performance motors (according to project requirement);

Made of carbon steel or stainless steel;

Pneumatic ISO standard.



For products with good fluidity;

Small volumes;

Open Mouth Bag;

Valved Bag;

Other applications upon request.



Grains and Cereals;



Food flours;

Mortars and similar;

Agricultural pesticides in powder or grain form;




Open Mouth or Valved Kit;

Output Conveyor;

Bag Massager;

Proportional Valves.

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